If you are a producer and would like to be added to this map, please contact sdspamarketing@gmail.com.

SDSPA Member Producers


Northern Grapes Project
Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute, Iowa State Extension
Vineyards, SDSU Extension
Direct Marketing of Fruit and Processed Fruit Products by Growers & Food Processors at Farmers Markets Within S.D., SDSU Extension
Ensuring Food Safety in the Vineyard, NCRFSMA



S.D. Grapes Listserv

Interested in receiving communications on topics relevant to grape producers in South Dakota? Contact Rhoda Burrows to be added to the S.D. Grapes Listserv hosted by SDSU Extension.

South Dakota Wine Growers Association

The South Dakota Wine Growers Association was created to promote the South Dakota grape and wine industry and to provide a forum for members to network and exchange information.

To join (or renew) your membership to the SDWGA contact info@withthewindwinery.com.

SDWGA operates the Wine Pavilion during the SD State Fair in Huron. This event allows wine producers to showcase their products while South Dakotans can sample wines from all over the state, and even purchase to take home. For many of our wineries who have limited distribution, this is a unique opportunity to make customers.

Over the last five years the SD Wine Growers has supported the Northern Grapes Project (NGP) that was completed in September 2016 and NGP 2.0. Many of our wineries participated in the “webinars” and benefited from research and education in grape growing, wine making, and marketing. See: northerngrapesproject.org.


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