The South Dakota Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA) works closely with its partners. The organization supports specialty crop producers by connecting them with resources, markets, networking, and educational training opportunities offered by a wide range of state government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Buy Fresh Buy Local

Buy Fresh Buy Local is a national campaign of state chapters organized to increase the awareness and consumption of locally produced foods. South Dakota’s chapter formed in 2008, and it offers an excellent opportunity for consumers and producers to get involved in improving the state’s local communities and food system.

If you’re a producer, you can use Buy Fresh Buy Local’s nationally recognized graphics (see below) in your branding and marketing efforts, highlighting your operation’s membership in the community food system and building consumer confidence in your products.

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South Dakota Department of Agriculture

The department’s mission is to promote, protect, and preserve SD Agriculture for today and tomorrow. The department assists with the development and promotion of agriculture and agricultural products in the state including nance, agricultural nance counseling, agricultural loan mediation, crop and livestock marketing and business development programs.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development

USDA has over two dozen programs to help build local and regional foods systems. Whether you are an individual farmer looking to extend your growing season, a cooperative of growers looking to rebuild a food hub, a farmers market that wants to accept SNAP benefits, a community kitchen that needs cold storage or store locally procured meat, or anyone in between. Information on programs can be found on our website or contact your local USDA Service Center.

Dakota Rural Action

Building homegrown prosperity since 1987

With a goal to “get more South Dakotans eating more food grown by South Dakota farmers,” grassroots family agriculture and conservation group Dakota Rural Action has been advocating for the state’s family farmers and ranchers for more than 25 years. DRA is based in Brookings and maintains a West River field office in Rapid City.

DRA’s current programs and activities include Farm Beginnings, SD Local Foods Co-op, five community-based chapters, a net metering campaign, and Farm to School. For more information, go to

DRA’s Local Foods Directory

Dakota Rural Action also publishes The South Dakota Local Foods Directory, its consumer guide to eating locally. Now in its sixth edition, the directory is a comprehensive resource to help you find local produce, meats, cheeses, wine, beer, plants, and much more. For more information and to request a copy of the printed edition, see

SDSU Extension Community Vitality

SDSU Extension Community Vitality focuses on increasing access to food by providing local teams with educational and technical assistance to help develop or improve their community projects, which include school gardens, community gardens, and farmers markets. The organization provides development opportunities for local food entrepreneurs through training and personal coaching. The group also partners on statewide efforts to enhance the local food system of South Dakota. Learn more about SDSU Extension Community Vitality programs and services here.

Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society (NPSAS)

NPSAS’s constituency is farm families and others interested in sustainable agriculture. In its more than 35 years as a grassroots educational organization, NPSAS has worked to:

  • Advocate for better federal and state farm/food policies.
  • Help Northern Plains farmers convert their farms to organic systems.
  • Increase the region’s land grant research in organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • Protect the integrity of the organic label.
  • Promote healthy trade relationships in the organic industry.
  • Develop local food systems.

NPSAS members are located primarily in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana, as well as in the neighboring states of Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

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Black Hills Chapter of Professional Chefs

(American Culinary Federation)

ACF is the culinary leader in offering educational resources, training, apprenticeship and programmatic accreditation designed to enhance professional growth for all current and future chefs and pastry chefs. The Black Hills Chapter often authorizes Continuing Education Hours to professional chefs who participate in relevant local food programming. Click here for more information on ACF Black Hills Chapter.

Value-Added Agriculture Development Center (VAADC)

Since 1999, the Value-Added Agriculture Development Center has been providing education and technical assistance to individuals, groups, and communities, successfully helping to develop and expand cooperatives and other ventures that enhance the quality of traditional commodities and spur the introduction of new products. The VAADC works with approximately 30 value-added agriculture projects on an ongoing basis across South Dakota and is considered the go-to place for agribusiness development in the state. The VAADC stands ready to help you make your idea a reality.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

SDPB is a statewide multimedia network providing accessible educational and cultural resources and information to the citizens of our state via Television, Radio, Online media and Social media. SDPB utilizes all these platforms to share the stories of local producers in every region of the state, in every season of the year, to highlight numerous local food producers and their cultural connections through statewide television broadcasts, radio features, a food-related blog, and digital features via social media. Learn more here: Savor Dakota 

South Dakota Department of Tourism

The South Dakota Department of Tourism’s mission is to maximize Tourism’s impact on our economy by increasing domestic and international travel to our state. One way we can do that is by putting a spotlight on some of the agritourism related activities,  events and experiences that can give our visitors an authentic South Dakota vacation. Locally grown foods, farmers markets, and wellness and rural activities make up an important part of our state’s agritourism experience.

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