The South Dakota Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA) provides education, promotion, and connections for producers of specialty foods and products such as fruit and vegetable growers, wine and beer crafters, organic producers, specialty meat and grain, eggs and honey producers, agritourism businesses and more!

We also include consumers, chefs, grocers, processors, farmers markets, organizations and others that support the local foods market of South Dakota.

Support the South Dakota specialty and local foods industry through joining SDSPA today for only $25 a year.


“SDSPA is a statewide organization so it gets courted by and information from many government, university, profit and non-profit organizations, yet its small enough that if you belong you will quickly make friends and learn by networking with others doing or growing similar specialty products. We love the summer tours at other specialty producer farms, the monthly newsletter, great website featuring a map, our farm products and website links, and the many committees a person can choose to participate on. Many voices saying the same thing can have an effect on legislation and needed programs to help specialty producers in South Dakota.”  

-Jeff and Jolene Stewart, Stewards Aronia Acres


“Markets are essential for producers. Commercial producers have a feedlot market for their cattle which is well established through sale barns, feedlots, etc. Grass-fed, grass-finished producers are not so fortunate. Getting markets and producers together is crucial for success. SDSPA can help do that.”

-Cindy Tolle, Evergreen Ranching & Livestock