Membership Involvement

The S.D. Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA) is made up of growers, processors, chefs, consumers, resource providers and others interested in producing, marketing and supporting South Dakota specialty crops, meats, and products.

We create opportunities for producers and others interested in the industry to learn, market, and network. From outreach to agritourism to supporting research to product identity we also partner with other organizations to work on common goals to progress the industry in the state.

Member engagement is necessary to move efforts forward. The following projects and committees provide a wide range of options for participation. Members can notify the designated contact below to participate or select committees during our annual membership enrollment period in January of each year.

  • Aggregation & Wholesale Market Efforts- In 2020 SDSPA was awarded a SCBG to connect specialty producers interested in exploring product aggregation. Contact us if interested in joining these conversations to explore how aggregating products could potentially tap a larger market share through joint distribution.  Email Us


  • Agritourism Efforts– A networking group for sharing questions and ideas and promoting the industry. Participate in planning or hosting events and activities related to the agritourism industry.  Email Us


  • Board Membership- Members guide SDSPA towards a sustainable future by long-term planning of the organization, shaping governance and financial management policies, and ensuring that our organization has adequate resources to advance its mission. This team also assists in directing contractor work.  Email Us


  • Educational Event Planning- Participate in the planning of specific trainings, workshops, conferences or outreach events. Identify educational needs and resources. Email Us


  • Education/Training Presenter-  Assist by sharing information through workshops and presentations at various events such as farm tours, virtual webinars, workshops, or other relevant events. Email Us


  • S.D. Farmers Market Coalition– Our statewide chapter was launched in 2020 to discuss educational and marketing needs and statewide initiatives. The group has the ability to coordinate statewide programming and promotion and act as a collective voice for S.D. Farmers Markets.  This chapter requires $15 membership dues. Email Us


  • SDSPA Flower Growers- A statewide networking group for sharing questions and ideas and promoting the industry. Email Us


  • SDSPA Fruit & Vegetable Growers- A statewide networking group for sharing questions and ideas and promoting the industry. Email Us


  • Grant Writing Team – In close relationship with the Board, provide assistance in finding relevant funding sources, drafting narrative, establishing budgets or proof-reading grant applications.  Email Us


  • Legislative ActionMembers document issues of importance to specialty crop growers and follow relevant actions pertinent to these issues during the legislative season. We provide updates to distribute to membership. Includes participating in efforts to move legislative action and position statements forward.  Email Us


  • Local Food EventsHelp with the promotion of S.D. specialty products by assisting with events at farmers markets, in communities, or at other venues. Activities may include event marketing, manning the SDSPA booth, participant registration, photography of the event, or other relevant activities. Participation is welcome at events within your community to state-wide events. Email Us


  • SDSPA Specialty Meat Producers- Interested in coming together to form a statewide workgroup focused on specialty meat production? We are now gathering members interested in coordinating on statewide efforts, education and promotion of the industry. Email Us


  • Mentorship-  SDSPA’s mentorship program connects new and developing producers with experienced producers that can offer guidance on specific crop production, farm practices, or processing questions. Contact SDSPA if you are interested in being paired with a mentor or are an experienced producer willing to offer support to other producers! Email Us


  • SDSPA Organic Producer Group- Interested in coming together to form a statewide organic production focused workgroup?  We are now gathering members interested in coordinating on statewide efforts, education and promotion for the S.D. organic industry. Email Us


  • Research- Interested in participating in on-farm research or have a research idea? Let us know! Email Us


  • S.D. Local Foods Coalition This council is made up of decision makers, resource providers, producers, consumers and others involved in the speciality foods industry to create streamlined statewide efforts. The group meets regularly to communicate current activities, identify industry needs, develop plans to address those needs and follow through with action. Consider involvement in one of the subgroups, including Farm to School, Branding, State & Federal Programming, or Food Security, Sovereignty and Decentralization of Food Economies. Email Us


  • Social MediaHelp create post content for SDSPA social media pages. Add content from newsletters for postings. Assist with responding to messages.  Email Us


  • State Fair Showcase- Producers can manage a booth displaying their business and products during Value-Added Ag Day at the State Fair in Huron. Optional presentation and demonstration opportunities also available. Email Us


  • Tour Host – Host a tour on your property to teach others about your production, processing or marketing knowledge. Support is also welcome for those interested in assisting with event marketing, registration, and photography of the events. Email Us


  • Urban Agriculture Group- A statewide networking group for sharing questions and ideas, coordinating education, and promoting the industry. Email Us


  • Website- Provide input and content for producer product (industry) pages on the SDSPA website. The pages provide an outreach tool for product sourcing, production and regulatory information, and awareness of supporting organizations. Feature articles for our news blog and content development for other supporting areas of expertise are also welcome.  Email Us


If you have other interests or requests for networking groups, please contact SDSPA.