Legislative Action

Members of the SDSPA Legislative Action Committee document issues of importance to specialty crop growers and follow relevant actions pertinent to these issues during the legislative season. We provide updates to distribute to membership. Includes participating in efforts to move legislative action and position statements forward. To participate on this committee contact SDSPA.

Update March, 2022

SDSPA has provided a brief summary of what happened in the 2022 legislature year that concerns our members.

Update- Aug., 2021

The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) would like to put out a call to all SDSPA members to bring to the LAC any issues of concern. This may include but is not limited to proposed old or new legislation to support or not support in regards to the what will benefit or have a positive affect on specialty crop production, farmers markets, value added product development and sales and agritourism. Last year this committee supported and lobbied for 2 pesticide bills and had discussions on an agritourism liability bill and a cottage law bill. One pesticide bill dealt with the release of investigative reports and data by SDDA to damaged complainants without a costly subpoena. The other dealt with requiring aerial spray applicators to have liability insurance for spray drift damage.

Meetings will be held to discuss all issues, prioritize them and develop a plan how the LAC can best help. LAC meeting notices will be posted in the SDSPA eNews or through a Legislative Update email. Many times LAC meetings are short notice however, and correspondence will be emailed directly to those signed up for the LAC. Pertinent timely news will be disseminated to all members via a Legislative Update email.

All issues do not necessarily have to involve state legislation. If you have issues for this committee please email Jeff Stewart, Chairman of the LAC.