Out and About- NRCS Program Update

SDSPA Urban Ag Liaison Malisa Niles took to the road to better familiarize herself with S.D. specialty products and to facilitate a working relationship with Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). Over the course of four days, Malisa traveled all over eastern South Dakota and visited the State NRCS office and 11 NRCS Service Centers introducing herself and checking in on their specialty production needs and answering the NRCS staff’s questions about no dig gardens, high tunnels and general specialty vegetable plant growth and issues. Malisa gleaned many ideas for programs and webinar topics from her NRCS visits.

While on the road, Malisa had the opportunity to visit three farmers markets, two food co-ops and three SDSPA member enterprises. South Dakota has so many wonderful opportunities for local food growth and production. With each visit, Malisa developed partnerships and ideas to promote SDSPA members and develop programs and webinars to assist S.D. specialty producers in the growing and marketing of diverse and quality specialty products.

Malisa is planning a west river partnership tour this fall. Contact Malisa at sdspa.urbanag@gmail.com.