South Dakota Specialty Producers to Bolster Organic Farming

South Dakota’s organic farming sector received a significant boost with South Dakota Specialty Producers (SDSPA) joining a cooperative agreement under the Plains Transition to Organic Partnership Program (Plains TOPP). This program offers crucial technical assistance and support to farmers navigating the transition to organic practices.

Plains TOPP is a collaborative effort serving producers in six states: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. Through SDSPA, transitioning organic farmers will have access to a comprehensive suite of resources. Experts will provide guidance on organic management practices, organic certification processes, conservation planning, and business development strategies. Additionally, SDSPA will facilitate networking events, fostering a collaborative environment for transitioning, newly certified, and seasoned organic farmers.

This cooperative agreement signifies a substantial advancement for organic agriculture in South Dakota. By offering a robust support system, SDSPA empowers organic farmers to not only survive but flourish within the organic market. Stay tuned for upcoming trainings and event updates through our social media channels and newsletters!