Local Producer Offers Flavorful South Dakota Hummus

Hummus is a very nutritious plant-based protein often served as a dip for crackers or vegetables or spread on sandwiches or wraps.

If you are looking for a delicious healthy snack or wanting to step up your charcuterie game, locally sourced hummus is a great choice. The Farm Stand at Bear Butte Gardens, 5 miles outside of Sturgis, S.D., makes hummus in their commercial kitchen and sells it in their farm store.

Traditionally hummus is made from chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans. It is a very nutritious plant-based protein dating back to the 13th century. It is often used as a dip with crackers, breads or vegetables or used as a spread on sandwiches, wraps or pizza. Making hummus begins with soaking and cooking the dried chickpeas and then mixing in various spices and ingredients.

“Hummus is a lot of fun and super easy to make. It can be taken in so many different directions flavor-wise depending on what is added into the recipe,” Michelle Grosek, Bear Butte Gardens owner, said.

Grosek often incorporates seasonal steamed or roasted vegetables such as these beets or carrots, creating a variety of beautiful colors.

A basic hummus can be made with chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Bear Butte Gardens typically adds cumin as well. They also like to incorporate seasonal steamed or roasted vegetables, offering roasted pepper hummus, beet hummus, carrot hummus, garlic scape hummus, and squash hummus in their store. This will also create a variety of beautiful colors from the natural beet or carrot juices for example. They frequently make homemade crackers, bread or bagels to accompany the hummus. 

They source the chickpeas from two organic growers in South Dakota. They have purchased organic chickpeas from Duncan Heritage Farm outside of Newell, S.D., and Venner Farm outside of Pierre, S.D. Duncan Heritage Farm also grows organic oats and alfalfa and Venner Farm grows a variety of organic wheats, flax, corn, sunflower, rye, and other grains as well as vegetables. 

Making hummus begins with soaking and cooking dried chickpeas.

Michelle and Rick Grosek started their organic farm business in 2011 and added a year-round farm stand, commercial kitchen, and vacation rental in 2020. The Farm Stand sells the products they raise on the farm, as well as products from over 50 other regional growers and makers. 

“We raise certified organic vegetables and eggs and also have grass-fed, grass-finished lamb, goat, beef, and seasonally, turkey. We have a few bee hives on the farm and grow certified organic hay,” Grosek said.

Hummus flavor and colors can vary depending on what is added into the recipe. Flavors Bear Butte Gardens offers include roasted pepper, beet, carrot, garlic scape, squash and more.

In 2024 Bear Butte Gardens is looking forward to hosting cooking classes, Date Night Cooking and Dinner events, the 2nd Annual Mushroom Festival, Farm to Table dinners, and is working on an autumn wool and fiber event. 

“We frequently have hummus in our farm store, but it is never a bad idea to contact us a couple days before you come out to the store to make sure we have a fresh batch on hand. We can make small or large batches, so get hold of us to place an order,” Grosek said. 

Bear Butte Gardens is one of eight retailers involved in the Fresher is Fun! Campaign, organized by the S.D. Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA) through a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant. The participating retailers all offer specialty crops sourced from multiple producers, increasing variety, access and convenience for customers. 

The farm stand sells local produce, meat, eggs, teas, honey, beeswax products, value-added products and more!

The campaign hopes to increase awareness and sales of South Dakota grown fruits, vegetables, honey, mushrooms, flowers and other specialty crops. Chickpeas, as well as other pulse crops like dried beans, lentils, and peas are considered specialty crops. 

To find a retailer selling local hummus visit SDSPA’s retailer website, featuring farm stands, grocers and retailers carrying local products. Or visit SDSPA’s local food directory to find a producer making hummus and other canned items, baked goods and value added products near you.