South Dakota Honey Featured at Custer Retail Store

Taking advantage of the crowds visiting Custer for the Buffalo Roundup & Arts Festival, Wild Spruce Market hosted an event Friday, Sept. 29th inviting both locals and visitors to come into their store to celebrate South Dakota honey.

Located at 447 Mt Rushmore Rd. in Custer, this shop boasts a variety of local foods, a coffee shop, and a variety of groceries & gifts. The event is part of a project funded by a specialty crop block grant SDSPA received to promote local retailers who are selling produce and products from local specialty crop producers.

The theme of the day was celebrated with a coloring contest, samples of various delicious recipes featuring honey, the introduction of their new coffee drink made with honey, and activities for kids, such as candle making with beeswax.

Payton Streff, a beekeeper and owner of Black Hills Liquid Gold, shared about his equipment and taught attendees of all ages about the incredible honeybee.