South Dakota Specialty Crops Featured at Aberdeen Retail Store

Local retailers throughout the state are set up to help consumers get connected with local specialty crops.  This theme is being highlighted at events taking place this year and next, through a specialty crop block grant SDSPA received. 

Residents in and around Aberdeen are fortunate to have a one-stop shop to get local produce, products and more. Through the grant project, Natural Abundance Food Co+op held a Local Harvest Celebration featuring specialty crops, while also celebrating their 45th anniversary.

On Sept. 9th, balloons shaped like various specialty crops brought in current & new customers.  Attendees spent time in their blocked off parking lot to shop with farmers market vendors, try samples, and listen to music. Kids were able to enjoy sensory tables, face painting, plantings seeds, and coloring pages that focused on available local specialty crops, and each child left with an apple to enjoy.  

Watch for more events taking place this fall, celebrating local specialty crops and the retailers that sell them!