Weekly Producer Webinar Feature- July, 2023

SDSPA is hosting weekly producer training webinars via Facebook Live, aimed at providing valuable insights, knowledge, and resources to enhance your farming and gardening practices and business.

At SDSPA, we understand the importance of continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in sustainable agriculture. These webinars will cover a wide range of topics relevant to producers of all levels, including organic farming methods, regenerative agriculture, soil health, market trends, and much more.

Learn from Industry Experts: Our webinars will feature knowledgeable speakers, experienced farmers, agricultural researchers, and other industry professionals who will share their expertise, practical tips, and best practices.

This past month we’ve featured three guest speakers, you can access the recorded webinars on our Facebook page or follow the information shared below. All sessions are available for viewing on our Facebook page. You can easily access these recordings at your convenience.


Farm To Table with Denise Venner & Chef Lauren Forsch

“Would you want to collaborate on this? Would you like to participate? And that’s what happened with the Boys and Girls Club.” Denise Venner shares her experience working with local community members in recent farm to table collaborations with restaurants. 

Venner Farm is a small farm dedicated to growing food and practicing organic farming methods to improve and sustain the soil for the future. For them, there is no greater reward than being able to share what we grow with others and promoting local, sustainable food production. They believe in the “Eat Local” philosophy of serving the communities nearest to them. In a world where our food travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate, they believe that reconnecting with the source is important.

“What a pivotal age for these kids to understand.” Chef Lauren Forsch showcased how to make simple comfort foods easy enough for children to do themselves, like grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas. 

The Boat House Bar & Grill at Spring Creek is not just a business opportunity for Lauren’s family, it is a coming home. For generations, they have fished, hunted, and enjoyed recreational opportunities up and down the lower reservoir. Visit them next time you’re in Pierre! 

Learn more about how these two businesses connected to cultivate a community that supports fresh grown food practices for the next generation. Venner Farm provides high-quality, organic products to community members like Chef Lauren, of Boat House Bar and Grill. Watch a recap on our Facebook page here:

Farm to Table


Raising Sheep and/or Goats for Beginners

Calling all livestock enthusiasts, farmers, and aspiring shepherds! Are you fascinated by the charm of raising sheep and goats? Curious about the ins and outs of small ruminant production? Well, you’re in for a treat!

We are thrilled to share our segment with special guest, Kelly Froehlich, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Small Ruminant Production, her expertise, knowledge, and passion for these adorable wooly creatures is unmatched!

Whether you’re a seasoned shepherd or just starting your journey, this webinar promises valuable insights that will elevate your sheep and goat farming game! Watch the recap here: 

Raising Sheep and/or Goats for Beginners


Engage in Live Q&A Sessions: We value your questions and believe in creating an interactive learning environment. During each webinar, we will reserve time for live Q&A sessions, allowing you to directly interact with our speakers and get answers to your specific queries.

Future Event Topics Include:

  • August 3rd – Flower Growers Info
  • August 7th – Climate Smart Practices
  • August 18th – NRCS EQIP Information

To join our weekly producer training webinars, simply visit the SDSPA Facebook page and follow SDSPA to receive notifications when we go live. We will be broadcasting the webinars every week, ensuring flexibility for producers with different schedules.

If you have any questions, have a topic idea, or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at sdspainfo@gmail.com.