Specialty Crop Producers Needed for S.D. Economic Impact Study 

The S.D. Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA) recognizes that in order to adequately plan for education & promotion of our industry, SDSPA and our partners need to have an accurate summary of the current status of South Dakota’s specialty crop industry. 

To determine this, SDSPA applied for a specialty crop block grant to allow the completion of an economic impact study specific to our state.  Dakota Institute, a firm out of Sioux Falls, was contracted to complete the report.  Producers are needed to contribute their data for the study.

If you are a producer of fruits, vegetables, honey, cut flowers, and select crops who has grown or produced $1,000 of value in specialty crops in 2022 (regardless of if it was sold or retained for personal use), we ask that you take time to complete the S.D. Economic Impact Survey.  

It is important that producers take the time to complete the survey so there is an accurate representation of the economic importance of these crops in our state. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Survey data is kept anonymous, and will create a report that shows the statewide impact of specialty crops on employment and the economy.  Questions pertain to the types of crops cultivated, amount harvested, land under cultivation, number of employees, and gross revenues.  At the end of the project period the data will be posted for public access on the SDSPA website. 

While some of the questions may feel similar to the USDA Agriculture Census, it is important that producers complete both, as the data will be used differently, with the economic impact study questions designed for the scale of production more common in South Dakota. 

Complete the survey here. Email Economic Impact Survey sdspecialtyproducers@gmail.com or call 605-840-8537 to request a paper copy.

Economic Impact Survey