Fresh Bites: SDSPA Podcast Series 

For learning on the go SDSPA launched our Fresh Bites Podcast Series. Find the podcast here, or listen through youtube here, and hit subscribe to be alerted when our next episodes are launched.


Aggregation Series

Ep. 5: Aronia Aggregation with SDSPA, Jeff Stewart, National Aronia Growers, LLC

Ep. 6 : Iowa Food Hub with SDSPA, Teresa Wiemerslage, ISU Extension & Outreach

Ep. 7: The Good Acre Food Hub with SDSPA, Nikki Warner, The Good Acre Communications Director

Ep. 8: Dakota Fresh Food Hub with SDSPA, Connie McDonald, Dakota Fresh Food Hub manager & Chara Hymans, StarFresh Farms owner

Grown Here Series

Ep. 9: Growing Lettuce in South DakotaKent Wilsey, Elk Creek Foods and Peggy Martin, Cedar Creek Gardens

Ep. 10: Getting Started with Cut Flowers, Connie Johnson, Freedom Acres SD and Christy Heckathorn, Fleurish Flower Farm

Ep. 11: Starting Seed for Cut Flowers, Tanya Flegel, Flegel’s Flowers and Kristine Lang, SDSU Extension

Ep. 12: Organic Specialty Crop Production in South Dakota, Angela Jackson, Prairie Sun Organics and Bernadette Barnaud, Owl Creek Organics

Ep. 13: Raising Root Crops in South Dakota, Dirk Oudman, Blue Sky Vegetable Co and Darin Waldner, Waldner Farms


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Series

Ep. 1: IPM for Berries, Dr. Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University

Ep. 2: IPM for Cucurbits, Marissa Schuh, University of Minnesota Extension

Ep. 3: IPM for Peppers & Tomatoes, Kristine Lang, South Dakota State University

Ep. 4: IPM for Melons, Amanda Bachmann, SDSU Extension


Profiting from Your Market Garden Series

Ep. 14: Determining Prices & Profitability of your Specialty Crops & Products, Kiara Poytra and Michelle Grosek of Bear Butte Gardens