Fresh Bites- Grown Here: SDSPA Podcast Series on How S.D. Producers are Growing their Specialty Crops

SDSPA’s 2023 Fresh Bites podcast season will focus on how specific crops are being grown in South Dakota. Producers will share their insight on growing flowers, lettuce, root crops and other vegetables. Podcasts series from previous seasons can be found here.

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Ep.  9- Growing Lettuce in South DakotaKent Wilsey, Elk Creek Foods and Peggy Martin, Cedar Creek Gardens

In this podcast we will learn from two South Dakota producers who provide their fellow residents with a summer salad necessity- lettuce. Kent Wilsey of Elk Creek Foods and Peggy Martin of Cedar Creek Gardens will share how they produce lettuce on a large scale, while also giving ideas and tips that apply to producers of any scale.


In this podcast Connie Johnson of Freedom Acres SD in Brandt and Christy Heckathorn of Fleurish Flower Farm in Elk Point share how they got started with cut flowers, and provide ideas for others looking to start.


Ep. 11- Starting Seed for Cut Flowers, Tanya Flegel, Flegel’s Flowers and Kristine Lang, SDSU Extension

On this episode, we’ll focus on how cut flower growers are starting their seeds. Kristine Lang, SDSU Assistant Professor & Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist and Tanya Flegel, owner of Flegel Flower Farm, will share their advice and tips.


Ep. 12- Organic Specialty Crop Production in South Dakota, Angela Jackson, Prairie Sun Organics and Bernadette Barnaud, Owl Creek Organics

On this episode, Angela Jackson of Prairie Sun Organics in Vermillion, and Bernadette Barnaud with Owl Creek Organics in Nisland will be sharing with us about what it looks like to be an organic specialty crop producer in South Dakota.


Ep. 13- Raising Root Crops in South Dakota, Dirk Oudman, Blue Sky Vegetable Co and Darin Waldner, Waldner Farms

On this episode, Dirk Oudman of Blue Sky Vegetable Co and Darin Waldner of Waldner Farms share their process to assure a healthy harvest of roots crops, such as potatoes, carrots and radishes.


These podcasts are made possible through a specialty crop block grant SDSPA received through the SD Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.