Retail Sites Selected for Specialty Crop Promotion Project

SDSPA was awarded a specialty crop block grant to support South Dakota retail sites that purchase specialty crops from at least three different South Dakota producers. 

Eight retailers who completed the application have been selected to work with HenkinSchultz, a marketing firm based out of Sioux Falls.  HenkinSchultz will work with these retailers to determine how they can help increase customers & sales, and then HenkinSchultz will develop a toolkit for retailers to utilize. 

Over the next two years, watch for a special event that each retailer will put together through this grant.  Their event will be in celebration of a specialty crop, such as a summer sweet corn festival or a fall pumpkin festival, and will be designed to welcome new, and thank current, customers. 

Our hope for this project is that by supporting retailers, sales will increase and retailers will be able to purchase more from our specialty crop producers.  

  1. Wild Spruce Market– Custer 
  2. Sioux Falls Food Co-Op– Sioux Falls 
  3. Dakota Fresh Food Hub– online store, delivery to Sioux Falls 
  4. The Farm Stand at Bear Butte Gardens- Sturgis 
  5. Natural Abundance Food Co-op– Aberdeen 
  6. Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op– Rapid City 
  7. Owl Creek Organics– Nisland 
  8. Bashful Bison South Dakota Market & Deli– Rapid City