New Program to Support Retailers Who Offer Local Specialty Crops

Are you a South Dakota retailer who supports your local producers?  Let S.D. Specialty Producers Association help support you!

SDSPA is completing a grant funded project to help promote South Dakota retailers who are distributing specialty crops from South Dakotan producers. Specialty crops include honey, fruits, vegetables, herbs, maple syrup, hops, teas, potted flowers, cut flowers, and trees.

You can get involved on two levels.

  1. Be recognized for your efforts! Complete this form to assure that you are listed on the SDSPA website, and promoted with our grant funded campaign.
  2. Apply to be a part of a focus group, designed to collaborate with eight retail locations for their marketing of specialty crops.  Those selected will work with SDSPA and our contracted marketing agency to determine strengths and opportunities for the marketing of locally grown, specialty crops at their retail site.  From this information, specialty crop promotional materials will be developed and provided for the sites to use in specialty crops marketing campaigns.  Furthermore, sites will be provided with funds to hire an event planner to develop a celebration at their location highlighting locally grown specialty crops. Selected sites must offer specialty crops/value added products from at least three different producers.

If you meet the criteria and would be interested in applying, please express your interest here by Sept. 9, 2022.

Please note, we are looking for participants of all sizes- traditional grocery stores, coops and on farm stores are encouraged to apply.

Please email for more information.


Retail Focus Group Interest Form