Local Foods Purchase Assistance Program Seeks Interested Producers

South Dakota’s Dept. of Agriculture and Natural Resources has signed a Local Food Purchase Assistance cooperative agreement with the USDA, allowing for the procurement and delivery of locally grown food to South Dakotans in need, and to provide a market opportunity to South Dakota producers. 

During a webinar SDSPA hosted on July 18, it was emphasized that protein and specialty crop producers of all backgrounds are encouraged to submit information on what they can provide, although this program is designed to particularly provide a market opportunity for producers in a disadvantaged or underserved social or racial group, as well as our women, veteran, beginning, and small-scale farmers, particularly those growing fresh produce.

Through this system, producers will be paid a fair rate for their product, which will then be distributed through the Feeding South Dakota network.  The program runs through June 2024. 

The recording of the webinar can be found at on our SDSPA YouTube channel. You can also access this document for an overview of the program. 

To get involved as a producer, submit this questionnaire to Feeding South Dakota. Or access this PDF version Questionnaire

LFPA Interest Form