Complete First Pricing Survey for S.D. Specialty Crops by June 12, 2022

A question many produce growers have is how similar produce is priced across the state. Returning from 2021, SDSPA will be coordinating a price sharing tool again this summer. 

While last year focused on farmers markets, in 2022, those selling at farmers markets, farm stands, direct to consumer sales, etc. are also encouraged to provide data. Data will be collected during three timeframes, between May 30- June 12, July 25- Aug. 8, and Aug. 29- Sept. 11, 2022.  

All producers with direct sales, market managers, and vendors are encouraged to participate. Products will include vegetables, fruit and honey.

Market managers and producers can fill out the online document easily via a computer or mobile device.  May 30th- June 12th data can be entered here.  For those who prefer to print off a hard copy to record notes, and upload the information after the market, this PDF is available.


June 2022 Pricing Survey



Average and ranges of pricing will be posted after each collection period starting in late June on the SDSPA Farmers Market website for markets and vendors to compare prices or get suggestions for pricing common market items. The 2021 season’s pricing survey results are also currently listed on this webpage. 

We request markets update the document three times this season, 1st: by June 12th, 2nd: by Aug. 8th, and 3rd: by Sept. 11th.