Ag Day at the Washington Pavilion 2022 Recap

Ag Day at the Washington Pavilion is a chance for families near Sioux Falls to visit with producers in all facets of agriculture and participate in hands-on activities to learn more about where food & fiber come from.  SDSPA was represented, along with Heikes Family Farm & The Good Earth Farm, with an activity that highlighted an array of specialty crop seeds.

Participants were each able to look at a variety of vegetable, fruit & flower seeds, and pick out which type of plant they wanted to grow at home.  The seeds were started on a moist napkin in a ziplock bag, allowing the youth to watch as their seed begins to germinate and grow.  To help with success once the seeds are moved to soil, the kids also learned how to read the back of the seed packet and copied down details needed.  

The participants, and their parents, had a great time looking over the variety of seeds they could grow and walked away excited to be able to later eat & enjoy what they started with their seeds at our SDSPA booth.