Capital City Farmers Market Wins Chef Event Sponsorship

Congratulations, Capital City Farmers Market, and market managers Lindy and Matt Geraets, on winning a SDSPA sponsored Chef Event to be held at their market this summer! 

Capital City Farmers Market, located in Pierre, won this special event by entering their average vendor pricing for current common specialty crops at market. The Farmers Market Coalition agreed at one of their monthly meetings that this would be useful information and SDSPA created a form and solicited markets to fill it out. 

Knowing how busy markets are this time of year, an incentive was added when the SDSPA board designated $800 in funds to sponsor the event for a randomly chosen winner after the June 30 entry period. Capital City will get to choose their chef, provide them with travel funds, a food budget and labor reimbursement. The event will feature local specialty crops. 

A big thank you to all of the markets who took the time to fill out the pricing form, we appreciate it! We will also collect pricing for mid-season (by Aug. 16) and late summer season (by Sept. 25). Visit the SDSPA Farmers Market Page for pricing information. Watch for more information as Capital City makes plans for the big event!