Farmers Market Signage Sponsorship Winners Announced

Congratulations to the recipients of the S.D. Specialty Producers Association Farmers Markets Signage Reimbursement Project! 

There were so many submissions for this opportunity that the SDSPA Board decided to expand the amount of recipients, extending the offer of $450 in reimbursement to a total of eight markets, rather than the five that were planned. 

Markets that will receive the sponsorships are: Burke Area Farmers Market, Canton Open Air Market, Farmers Market at Lake Lorraine (Sioux Falls), Hot Springs Farmers Market, Huron Farmers Market, Market at the Meridian (Yankton), Thunder Valley Farmers Market (Porcupine), and Webster Farmers Market

The markets stated different reasons for the investment in new signage. Some markets had moved or have never had proper signage. Also, as evident in the photo SDSPA received (above), it was time to replace some signs!

SDSPA would like to thank everyone who applied for this sponsorship. Farmers Markets provide an important service for their communities, and SDSPA is happy to help markets give more South Dakotans access to outstanding local food! Look for more information on Farmers Market seasonal hours and locations on the SDSPA S.D. Farmers Market website!

If you need your Farmers Market details updated please complete this form.