SDSPA Launches IPM Podcast Series

SDSPA has announced their new podcast series. The first several episodes will discuss Integrated Pest Management for specialty crop producers. The podcast is an in-depth approach to discuss IPM, with experts from across the country visiting with Charles Riggins, SDSPA treasure and operator of Riggins Homegrown Produce.

The podcast was created to address member needs. First, to provide informative and educational content to producers in a very portable format, something our producers could take out into the field with them and listen to while they work. And second, there was a need to provide content for more experienced growers. 

Host Charles Riggins said, “I already know a lot about IPM. I don’t want to listen to a podcast that just explains what it is. I want some solid information and advice on what I can do in my operation.” 

In response to that direction from our membership, SDSPA has planned a series of four episodes that each focus on a different crop group. The first episode featured special guest Dr. Raymond Cloyd of Kansas State University, discussing IPM for berries. The second episode features special guest Marissa Schuh of the University of Minnesota Extension discussing IPM for cucurbits.

The next episode will be recorded in April. We are excited to welcome Dr Kristine Lang, a new Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at South Dakota State University! She and Riggins will be discussing IPM for peppers and tomatoes.

Listen to the podcast on our website, or on a variety of different podcast players including Google Podcasts, YouTube and Spotify.