If you are a local grower or food producer with products currently for sale please email us to get added to this map.

South Dakota Grown, Raised & Processed Foods Currently Available

Looking for meats, vegetables, eggs, cheese, value-added goods and other foods? Connect directly to area farmers! Check out our availability map of products available right now in South Dakota.

Many early season specialty crops, mushrooms, hydroponic and greenhouse crops, specialty meats, baked and processed goods, and even flower and garden transplants are available. Producers are selling direct through their websites as well as through online farmers markets and food hubs. Many are offering curbside sales or delivery.

The South Dakota Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA) would like to call attention to our local growers and encourage everyone where possible to frequent these businesses.

Fresh produce is not something you can stockpile, yet we all know our bodies crave and need fresh vegetables this time of year. Help your community while helping yourself by purchasing and eating locally grown produce. The produce is picked when it is ripe, handled less, and has not gone through numerous warehouses and trucks to get to the consumer. Because of this, fresh produce brought directly to you should have a longer shelf-life.

Many food and labor dollars are leaking out of our state because food we can grow and process right here in South Dakota is being sourced and transported here from states far away. Our farmers can bring us some of the best tasting crops grown anywhere, and ultimately, purchasing from them will keep the money here in our state.

If you are concerned about coming into contact with your local grower, please call them, knowing they too want to help our communities stay healthy.

In addition to our current availability map, most of the producers in South Dakota offering direct to consumer sales can be found on the SDSPA website along with location maps, contact information, and links to their websites. As we move into June, more and more South Dakota offerings will become available.  To find them just go to Producers and Products tab.