This month features:

  • S.D. Grown, Raised & Processed Foods Currently Available
  • SDSPA Farmers Market Chapter
  • Farmers Market Manager Meeting May 5
  • Cody Road Black Currants Farm Feature
  • NRCS Fruit Project
  • Vermillion Area Farmers Market Feature
  • Zoom Conference Access- Membership Benefit
  • Upcoming Events- SD Local Foods Network Listening Sessions
  • Grants: Farmers Market Promotion Program, Local Foods Promotion Program, Regional Foods Systems Partnership, Native American Agriculture Fund
  • Farmers Guide to Direct Sales Software Platforms
  • Farmers’ Guide to COVID-19 Relief
  • The Market Beet- May Edition
  • SDSPA Website- Grocer & Retail Page
  • Learn more about SDSPA Member: Little Shire Farm

SDSPA Newsletter- May 2020