January 13, 2020

To SDSPA Members and Friends,

I have had the honor and privilege to be a member of Specialty Producers Association for four years and board member for two years.  During this period, I have come to respect everyone involved in the production, preparation, regulation and state/federal technical assistance in our local food industry.  

As local food consumption continues to provide more and more of our food in the state, members have an opportunity to assist in this important task. Members can encourage new producers, help current producers with problems and find outlets for their various products. It is amazing the variety of products that are being grown or raised in South Dakota.

Finally, I encourage members to become more active in the association by attending annual meetings, serving on the various committees or becoming a member of the board of directors while providing input to improve the whole process. We, as members, can affect this industry greatly. I look forward to continuing our participation in SDSPA and watching the local food industry grow. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this movement.

Tom Barnes
Pleasant Valley Farm and Cabins LLC

For more information on SDSPA membership please click here.