Viticulture Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) and South Dakota State University hosted a Wine Sensory Analysis Workshop, with support from the SD Specialty Producers Association, on May 15-16th at Mitchell Technical Institute, Mitchell, SD. Topics included: Introduction to Tasting, White Wine Sensory Standards, Red Wine Sensory Standards, and Evaluating Palate Attributes: Alcohol, Acid, and Tannin Wine Defects, Descriptive Wine Analysis of White and Red Wines. A special feature of the sensory workshop was flights of Itasca and Marquette wines, complements of the University of Minnesota (UMN) Grape Breeding and Enology. Itasca is a hardy white wine grape was released by UMN in 2016.

Photos: (1st) Comparing Marquette wines.  Dr. Anne Fennell, SDSU Viticulturist, center. (2nd) Identifying various scents from unlabeled vials, to train our noses to detect various aromas in wines.