Producer Feature: With the Wind Vineyard & Winery

With the Wind Vineyard & Winery (Rosholt) owners, Jeremiah and Lisa Klein, are both originally from South Dakota. After living nine years in Summit County, Colorado, the couple returned to raise their children back in the home area of Jeremiah’s roots. The couple purchased the bygone farm site in the winter of 2012 as merely a place to call home for the family. Shortly after purchasing the property, an article in a local newspaper highlighted the ideal attributes of sites for modern Midwest viticulture. This initially caught the couple’s attention as a unique ‘hobby idea’, but soon developed into a fully operational dream.

Jeremiah and Lisa dove heart-first into this endeavor that is now 100% of the family’s livelihood. They planted vineyards and built the winery facility that is dedicated to processing grapes, producing wines and hosting guests that visit the tasting room. The couple and their staff take great pleasure in producing and bottling all of the With the Wind Vineyard & Winery wines onsite. Custom Italian-made stainless steel tanks and Minnesota oak barrels house all of the wines. Hosting the many guests who visit the winery is a true joy and crafting wines to accompany life celebrations an honor.

The development of their business has taught them more than a few things. They rely more heavily on the wholesale distribution of their products because their location is more remote. Despite drawing a good amount of visitors onsite, they cannot rely solely on that part of the business. Learning to flex with tastes, budgets and preferences of their regional customers has also helped them to be more successful. South Dakota Farm Winery licensing law allows wineries to self-distribute, which is a vital part of their business. This system is one Lisa and Jeremiah greatly appreciate as it has helped them be more successful. Now, newly legislated laws allow for alcohol discounting, which will also be helpful.

Tools and trends are helping their business and the local economy. Production of high-quality wines, continuing to provide education and marketing that teaches the public about the benefits of utilizing locally-grown grapes both help drive the demand for locally-sourced fruit. Agri-tourism tours have been a way to share their industry with the public. Guests enjoy seeing the 900 grapevines and understanding more about the vineyard and the wine production area when they visit. As a whole, the local foods market helps their wine industry as it also fosters an awareness and appreciation of foods and wines made locally.

Help for their business has come from all types of people – educators and fellow growers in the viticulture and winemaking fields, other business owners and their customers have all contributed along the way. Using locally-sourced fruit, creating wines that are popular among regional clientele, and fine-tuning sales are a continual process on the journey. The goal is to make wines that are well received by residents of SD, ND, MN and beyond.

It is wonderful to see young families come home to South Dakota. SDSPA celebrates the success of Jeremiah and Lisa Klein and will watch their growth in the future! To learn more, visit their website.