Delicious samples were served at the Local Foods Showcase Social Event featuring area chef & producer food pairings & drinks. This event was held Nov. 2 in Brookings, SD as part of the South Dakota Local Foods Conference, an annual conference with educational sessions, vendors, networking opportunities and experiences that benefits producers, chefs, consumers, resource providers and other local food enthusiasts.

Participants and dishes included:

·     Norwegian Lamb Meatballs with Savory Brown Cheese & Cocoa Gravy— Michael Johnson of Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge (Sturdy Post Ranch, Nunda, SD)


·     Baked Spinach Pocket with Basil & Feta— Pouran Borchardt of Cafe Coteau at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota (Brookings Farmers Market and Free Happy Farm, Brookings, SD)

·     Pork Street Tacos with Cilantro, Onions and Day of the Dead Salsa— Jenilee Schleusner of Day of the Dead Foods (Hanisch Farms, Humboldt, SD with Dakota Fresh Food Hub)


·     Sunflower Seed Brittle, Honey Comb Candy & Cinnamon Glass Candy— Donna Behrend of Choco Latte (Dakota Style, Clark, SD; Stensland Family Farms, Sioux Falls, SD; & Adee Honey)


·     Fresh Coffee— Andrew Litz of Westbound Coffee

·     Coffee Marbled Cheese with Baguette, Kudo Brittle & Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans— Kurt Osborne of Kool Beans Coffee and Roasterie (Cottleston Bread, SDSU Dairy Bar, Locally Roasted Coffee)


·     Spicy Butternut Squash & Leek Soup with Sausage & Mild Vegetarian Butternut Squash & Leek Soup— Caryl Bunkowske of Celebration Catering (Good Roots Farm & Gardens, Brookings, SD; Hanisch Farms with Dakota Fresh Food Hub)

·     Squash Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter— David O’Neil of Parker’s Bistro (Hanisch Farms; Prairies Past, Pipestone, MN; Tillford Rye Farm, Garretson, SD with Dakota Fresh Food Hub)


·     Wheat Berry Cracker, Butter Braised Radish, Buffalo Cheek, Crispy Sage & Pear Gastrique— Taylor Roberts of Drifters Bar & Grille (Venner Farms, Pierre, SD; B&G Produce, Pierre, SD; Family Farm, Ipswich; & Layton’s Farm)


·     Breakfast of Champions Coffee Stout—Wooden Legs Brewing Company (Kool Beans Coffee, Brookings)


·     Scary Terry Cherry Wheat Ale— Eponymous Brewing, Brookings, SD

·     Prairie Star White & Dakota Red Wine; Aronia Juice — Schade Vineyard & Winery

The event was hosted by a collaboration of partners including The Carrot Seed Kitchen, Dakota Rural Action, the South Dakota Specialty Producers Association, SDSU Extension, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, and USDA Rural Development.

Anyone with an interest in attending the 2019 Conference is encouraged to follow the South Dakota Local Foods Facebook Page  to find details on the event as they are made available.