SDSPA members Tom Barnes, of Pleasant Valley Farm in near Custer, and Chef MJ Adams, Food Consultant in Rapid City, provided an introduction to meat goats presentation to 46 Douglas High School students in Box Elder on Jan 12.

Barnes presented ‘Grazing Goats and the Nutritional Value of Goats Meat’ to students from the family and food science class along with high school staff. He discussed how the goats are raised and their meat quality.

Chef Adams prepared goat meat chili, which was served on rice and topped with Greek yogurt for the students to sample… one actually sampling five times! Delicious! Students were able to try a new food and learn that this meat is a healthy option— high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol.

This producer-chef educational model is a perfect approach for students. The students enjoyed it, asking many questions, some even asking 10 questions. These interactive sessions expose the students to agricultural crops and animal husbandry they may never have considered. The sessions provide time for the students to learn directly from producers who have ‘real life’ experiences to share and also bring them together with chefs who use these local foods in their own kitchens & businesses.

The school has already asked for a repeat next year. One suggestion from Barnes is to rotate food products and crops so students can learn about a broader spectrum of agricultural products. If you are providing farm to table outreach in your community please share your story with SDSPA!

Tom Barnes and MJ Adams during NewCenter 1 interview after Douglas High School student seminar on goats meat.

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