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Stewart's Aronia Acres LLC

Stewart's Aronia Acres LLC

Charles Mix County

Owners/operators: Jeff and Jolene Stewart

Deep purple aronia berries, also known as chokeberries, have the highest known capacity of antioxidants of any temperate fruit and contain strong anticancer compounds. This high antioxidant level makes aronias one of the world’s eight “true” superfruits. Aronias are great in salads, stir-fries, chili, salsa, jam, cereal, smoothies, ice cream, syrup, juice, beer, wine, and tea. 

"Making America healthier, one berry at a time"

Husband-and-wife business partners Jeff and Jolene Stewart sell frozen aronia berries all year at their 11-acre operation, Stewart's Aronia Acres, and fresh berries are available during harvest in late August and into September. From June to October, the Stewarts participate in the Wagner Farmer’s Market. They also market berries at the SD Local Foods Coop and in some area stores. They're interested in working with chefs as well.

Jeff tells us, "Our aronia berries are grown with NO herbicides or pesticides. We follow the rules for organic production. Aronia berries are health builders, and our goal is to grow and sell them with methods that retain those properties."

"We were introduced to aronia berries in 2005, when we turned them into a superb wine," he continues. "As we researched, we learned about their health benefits, so planted one row and found they grew and produced on our farm. We decided growing and selling them fit with our philosophy of  'Making America healthier, one berry at a time.' We planted 11 acres of aronia berries and one acre of black currant. We love aronia berries and incorporated them into our daily diet. We enjoy good health and are thrilled that our product can improve/maintain the health of other people as well. Our goats, equines, and dog love aronia berries too!"

Call and visit!
Stewart's Aronia Acres has hosted many visitors, including a tour group sponsored by the Randall Resource Conservation and Development Association for landowners in a six-county area. Jeff and Jolene welcome you to call and arrange a visit.



- Dakota Farmer: "A Berry With Potential"

- "Better Living Through Berries"

- Wagner Post: "Super Berry"

- "It's the Berries"

Stewart's Aronia Acres LLC
29870 393rd Avenue
Wagner, South Dakota 57380

South Dakota Local Foods Directory

Social media: Facebook


Phone: 605-481-0406