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About Us

The nonprofit South Dakota Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA)comprises a diverse, geographically dispersed group of specialty producers in the state. SDSPA’s members are growers, processors, and others interested in producing and marketing specialty crops and other products. The organization represents non-commodity products that include fruits and vegetables, specialty meats, wine, organic flax, and honey. In addition to promoting its members’ products, SDSPA:   

- Develops cooperative marketing opportunities.

- Serves as a venue for networking and information gathering.

- Markets agritourism.

- Promotes South Dakota product identity.

- Offers educational programs.

Supports research.

- Works with legislators and policymakers.

- Partners with other organizations on common goals.    


Executive Committee

Kim Brannen, President
Tom Barnes, Vice-President
Julie Auch, Treasurer                                                                 Cory Tomovick, Secretary


About Our Site

We've designed our site to be a hub for communication among SDSPA members, as well as a means of showcasing our members' products to the public. Whether you’re a producer or consumer, you’ll find lots of helpful information here.  Have ideas for us? We welcome your feedback (contact us here), and we look forward to serving you.